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Transactions, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

  • Mergers, demergers, contributions in kind
  • Business restructurings
  • Tax-related support during IPO
  • Effective business succession
  • Transaction planning and execution 
  • Tax due diligence / vendor due diligence
  • Post-transaction tax support
  • Financing and re-financing structuring
  • Securing against tax risks
  • Tax negotiations
  • Review of financial models from tax point of view
  • Taxation of the directors
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  • CIT compliance
  • Tax reviews
  • Ongoing tax advisory services
  • Tax procedures
  • Tax-efficiency of the shareholding and financing structures
  • Tax Capital Groups
  • Withholding Tax (WHT)
  • Tax deductibility restrictions for intangible services and financial costs
  • Assistance in documenting performance of services
  • Tax settlement of investments
  • Minimal tax (tax on commercial properties)
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Tax and Court Proceedings

  • Tax and customs-fiscal audits
  • Representation before the tax authorities
  • Representation before administrative and courts, Supreme Audit Office (NIK), Constitutional Tribunal, European Commission, Court of Justice of the European Union and European Court of Human Rights
  • Identification and applying for overpayments
  • Tax rulings and advance tax rulings
  • Enforcement and precautionary proceedings
  • Tax schemes (Mandatory Disclosure Rules)
  • Tax risk management
  • Penal-fiscal liability risk management
  • Liability of collective entities
  • Trial audits of the tax settlements
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Transfer Pricing

  • Transfer pricing documentation
  • Benchmark analyses
  • Advanced Pricing Agreements (APA)
  • Transfer pricing policies and price adjustments
  • Verification and determination of intercompany charges
  • Transfer pricing reporting
  • International mutual agreement procedure
  • Support in transfer pricing related tax audits
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VAT and Excise Duty

  • VAT compliance
  • VAT registration (PL and EU VAT)
  • VAT and excise duty reviews
  • Ongoing tax advisory services
  • VAT-related risk management
  • Protection against tax frauds
  • Classification of goods and services in terms of VAT and excise duty
  • Applying for tax rulings related to VAT
  • VAT refunds in Poland and abroad
  • VAT in local governmental units
  • Support during tax audits
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  • PIT compliance
  • PIT settlements for employees, including delegated employees and expats
  • Employee motivation programs / stock option plans
  • Tax reviews
  • PIT settlements of the directors
  • 50% tax deductible costs
  • PIT settlements of entrepreneurs and investors
  • Settlements of the PIT remitters
  • Business trips
  • Social Insurance (ZUS) settlements
  • Support in PIT and ZUS related tax audits
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Real Estate Tax

  • Tax reviews
  • Applying for tax overpayments
  • Settlement of completed investments
  • Inventories, valuations, measurements, opinions
  • Ongoing tax advisory services and Real Estate Tax compliance
  • Tax procedures
  • Regulatory advisory services
  • Assistance in reducing the annual perpetual usufruct fee
  • Settlement of the advertising fee (opłata reklamowa)
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  • Open and closed training courses
  • Changes in CIT / PIT / VAT / Real Estate Tax
  • Preparation for tax audits
  • Workshops on the settlement of state aid, including tax settlements within Special Economic Zones and the Polish Investment Zone
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Outsourcing of Tax Settlements

  • Ongoing tax support (Hotline)
  • VAT / CIT / PIT / Real Estate Tax returns
  • Standard Audit File for Tax (JPK)
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